Sports Physical Therapy

Whether you are a serious athlete or just want to improve ability to play your sport and reduce risk for injury, or rehabilitate a sports injury, Carolina Strong Physical Therapy can help you attain your goals.  You will be seen by licensed physical therapists who will do a thorough full body assessment to determine muscular imbalances which may affect your performance in your sport.  We perform the Functional Movement Screen /Selective Functional Movement Assessment (FMS/SFMA) to help return you to your active lifestyle.  For more information on FMS/SFMA click on the “services” tab at the top of the home screen.  Carolina Strong Physical Therapy offers rehabilitation for a variety of sports whether for leisure, school, or professional including those listed here:


Golf– our therapists have taken courses in golf swing analysis, we also treat “golfer’s elbow” with manual therapies and therapeutic exercises

Tennis– we treat “tennis elbow” c manual therapy and therapeutic exercises

Exercise walking– our therapist have taken courses in Chi walking and running

Biking– we specialize in bicycle fitting to reduce pain and discomfort you may experience while riding your bike

Swimming– we teach proper mechanics to help improve stroke efficiency and reduce repetitive injury

Running– we analyze and help create efficiency and reduce your risk for injury

Football– we help build strength and speed to improve efficiency

Soccer– we teach ACL tear prevention to reduce risk of ACL tears